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A brief story about myself

A little about myself so you can start to know me better. I’m an Argentinian that moved to the mountains because of my passion for snowboarding. I live at 8,000ft with my husband and two dogs. I started my journey into yoga over 18 years ago. That opened the door to dive deep into a self healing path. That path grew into my passion. I’ve been a Certified Yoga Teacher since 2010. Did the three reiki levels certification through the years. Got my Yoga Therapy Certification and have trained in Shamanic Rituals and basic Ayurvedic knowledge. This January 2021 I’m starting my Ayurvedic Practitioner Certification.Through the years I felt a strong call towards supporting and helping women. And that call got even stronger after I had a miscarriage. The grief taught me about the woman’s body in depth spiritually and about the mysteries of life. It also taught me about the “magic” of pregnancy and becoming a mother. And in August of 2020 I became a DONA trained Doula and a Prenatal Yoga Teacher. Birth is a powerful transition for women. And I feel as it’s a power that’s been forgotten by society and by most women. I believe in supporting one another, encouraging each other, and reminding, us, women that this journey from conception, pregnancy and into motherhood it is something that can be sacred and beautiful. 

About Me: About Me
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