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Newborn Sleeping

Choose from any doula packages or choose from Private Prenatal or Postpartum Yoga Class, Yoga Therapy, Energy Healing Sessions or Emotional Support through Rituals. There are endless options to heal and to connect to oneself. You just need to choose. 

Services: Services

I’m happy you are here if you want to connect or for more information please reach out.

Birth Doula $900

  • Two prenatal visits (can last about 2 hours each). We will talk about your goals, birth plan preferences, and to provide any resources or answer any other questions you may have. I take this time to get to know you, and understand how I can best support you in your decisions. 

  • Learning coping mechanisms to be use during labor and labor positions,

    Rebozo use.

  • On call 2 weeks before your estimated due date until baby comes.

  • Uninterrupted support during your labor and delivery and 1-2 hours after birth of baby to help with breastfeeding.

  • Postpartum visit to process your birth experience, provide postpartum support, and to help with breastfeeding if necessary.

  • Backup doula in the unlikely event I am not able to attend your birth.

** A $200.00 deposit is due in order to book my services. The remainder is due at 37 weeks**

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